February 24 is Our Next WalkShop

We are pleased to announce the Mobile World Congress 2013 edition of the Barcelona City WalkShop series.

The themes of the February 24 City WalkShop are mobile devices (“mobility”) and the urban dweller.

  • How does the citizen or visitor use city sensors and data on a mobile device?
  • How does the mobile device user become a sensor in the city?
  • Who develops and pays for city services we can access with our mobile devices?
  • What are the issues/solutions (connectivity, security, real time data)?

In order to make the best experience we will reuse many of the Points of Interest that we have before and are part of the Barcelona City Council’s Smart City technology showcase but examine them from a different point of view (access from/by mobile devices) and also actuators (turning things on and off with mobile device interfaces) and add others having to do with transportation, tourism, etc.

Our route and meeting place will be published shortly. Stay tuned for more information!

Check out the Mobile Apps

We think that having mobile applications is a requirement during the Barcelona City WalkShop focusing on Mobility and Urban Dwellers. To learn more about the applications that we’ve helped to bring about, and those of WalkShop participants who have registered their plan to participate, visit the Mobile Applications page of this portal.

2012 Barcelona City WalkShops

During City WalkShops, people with different perspectives — the architects, the designers and citizens — on the same city can come into direct contact with the technologists, the geeks who implant and manage the digital infrastructure on our behalf to explore and expand our understanding.

The Barcelona City WalkShops are experimental sessions designed to help us observe, explore and take actions.

We have previously conducted four City WalkShops. Visit this site to learn more about the 2012 Barcelona City WalkShops.

The present site provides you all the information you need to participate in the next Barcelona City WalkShop.

See you in the streets of Barcelona!

Smart City Expo WalkShop Summary

The third of three Barcelona City WalkShops in 2012 took place on November 16, 2012.
If you would like to see what we did, visit our agenda.

This City WalkShop was organized by volunteers in collaboration with IoT Barcelona Meetup Group. Here is the meetup page about the Nov 16 WalkShop.

Please take a moment to visit the City WalkShop photo archives and the map of our route.

It was an inspiring workshop and many thanks to all who took the time to participate!

Background and context

Barcelona is a city rich with past, present and future. The citizens and visitors to this city have enormous appetite for the history as well as a vision for the future. It is at the meeting of these trends that the Barcelona City WalkShop was born in 2010 and where it continued in 2012.

In 2010 the first Barcelona City WalkShop was organized to visit everyday places in the public spaces where digital technologies is controlling or embedded within the physical infrastructure. There were photos and videos taken.

What has changed? Where is Barcelona’s digital infrastructure visible to the naked eye and where is it hidden?

We are planning events that will coincide with important gatherings in Barcelona.